Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lily's Favorite Books ages newborn to one

Just like I made the decision last year to track my books, I decided I should keep a book log for Lily.  I write down the names and authors of all the books we read to hear.  So far, she's listened to 240 books!  I'm sure there are more that I forgot to record. 

I'm going to write about her favorite books from each year, hoping that it will help those of you reading with children of the same age!

By far, her favorite books were these two from DK Publishing - Baby Colors and Count with Me.  She LOVED looking at the pictures of babies (and particularly loved the little boy on the cover of Baby Colors!). She read and/or looked at these books into her first year.

Another favorite was Baby Cakes by Karma Wilson.  Jane Pelletier gave this to Lily as a gift, and we loved the rhythm of the story along with the illustrations.  This is one we still read occasionally.

Another gift from Jane, Mommy Loves Me was great with the photographs!

Lily loved the Karen Katz books - Shake It Up Baby, Where is Baby's Belly Button, Peek-A-Baby, Where is Baby's Valentine, Where is Baby's Easter Egg.  This one was my favorite, with a rattle in the spine.

Tails was a gift from the Holdman girls at Lily's baby shower.  I probably should have waited until she was a little older, as she played pretty hard with this book and we lost a number of the tails!  However, it was worth it!  We also liked One Yellow Lion by Matthew van Fleet.

Finally, and still one of our favorites, is Fifteen Animals by Sandra Boynton.  The song from this book is available for a free download when you buy the book and is also on our all-time favorite CD, Philadelphia Chickens by Sandra Boynton.

EVERY CHILD NEEDS THIS CD!  The songs are catchy, the rhythms are great, and many of the songs just make you want to dance.  Lily has loved it since birth.

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