Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some of my favorite authors

I would read anything written by these authors and always look forward to the publication of their next book.  In no particular order:
  • Pat Conroy - his prose is simply beautiful.  I could read his books over and over just to savor the language.  Plus, his stories are enthralling!  My favorite books of his are Price of Tides, My Losing Season (non-fiction about his high school basketball team), and Beach Music.
  • Anna Quindlen - Black and Blue is the first of her books I read, and it's still my favorite.  Her books of essays are also excellent.
  • Anita Shreve - I could read Fortune's Rocks again and again. 
  • Stephen King - When he's on form, he's the best storyteller around!  The Stand and The Green Mile are my two favorites, but I also love books 2, 3, and 4 of The Dark Tower series.  Two of my favorite movies are adapted from King's novellas - The Shawshank Redemption (from the story Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption) and Stand by Me (from the story The Body). 
  • Michael Connelly - Blood Work is my favorite Connelly book, but I enjoy all of his books.
  • Dean Koontz - while he's rather wordy (making his audio books rather tedious), his stories are marvelous!  I've read them all, but my favorites are From the Corner of His Eye, One Door Away from Heaven, and the Odd Thomas books.
  • Adriana Trigiani - a great storyteller, my favorite of her books is Lucia, Lucia.
  • Larry McMurtry - Some of his books just make me laugh out loud and many of them have made me cry.  The Evening Star did both - it's the sequel to Terms of Endearment (one of the few books where I liked the movie better).  Aurora is the classic McMurtry character.  My other favorite McMurtry book is The Desert Rose, which always makes me laugh!  Harmony, a washed up Vegas showgirl, is a fabulous main character!
  • Jeffrey Archer - Kane and Able is one of my favorite books of all time - definitely in the top five!  His books are suspenseful and characters are well developed.
  • David Baldacci - Wish You Well is not the traditional Baldacci thriller, but it's my favorite of his stories!
  • Brad Meltzer - The Tenth Justice, his first book, is my favorite of his books.
  • John Grisham - while all of his books are a good read, A Time To Kill will always be my favorite.
  • Charlaine Harris - I love her Shakespeare series about a small-town amateur detective, Lily Bard, but her most famous books are the Sookie Stackhouse series which has been made into an HBO series, True Blood.
Reading this list, I realize I need to find some more female authors to follow!


  1. Try Barbara Kinsolver, Jodi Picoult... Susan Wiggs "The Ocean Between Us" is amazing, too.